Graphing error in grapher software

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I am creating different 2D scatter plots graphs, where each graph has multiple plots on it (about 20 plots per graph). The plots come from the same excel worksheet, where the different plots are defined as sections of rows within the worksheet. Unfortunately, there is not always data available in the sections referenced by the different plots .I do not know why Grapher would do this?Is this an error in Grapher, a changeable setting, or a flaw in my approach?


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Graphing error in grapher software


When you are setting the custom rows for a plot, the row you specify must have a number in it. If there is nothing in the cell or if the cell contains text, it is automatically ignored by Grapher. 

What I recommend is putting a null value into these cells. That would let you set the custom rows. If you use the same null value in each worksheet, such as -9999, you can then tell Grapher to ignore that data. To ignore the null data value, click on the line/scatter plot. In the property inspector, open the Clipping tab. Check the Use criteriabox and click the Criteria command where it says <Click here to set criteria>. Check theUse NULL criteria option. Click the Value box and type in the null value. Click OK in all dialogs and the graph should update correctly. 


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