Virtual box error running hardware 3d acceleration

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My VGA support 3D acceleration and it seems like Virtual Box have some issues when trying to use 3D. I have the latest driver version and I don’t know it doesn’t want to work. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ?

Thank you !

VirtualBox – Warning

The Virtual machine execution may run into an error condition as described below. We suggest that you take an appropriate action to avert the error.

An attempt by the virtual machine to use hardware 3D acceleration failed. The version of the Guest Additions installed in the virtual machine does not match the version of VirtualBox on the host. Please install appropriate Guest Additions to fix this issue.


Do not show this message again.

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Virtual box error running hardware 3d acceleration


If you know the video card installed on your computer has the latest driver installed then maybe the video card installed on the guest operating system has not been updated that’s why the guest addition doesn’t match with the host. To fix the problem, download the latest driver for your video card. Start VirtualBox then launch your guest operating system.

Run the installer in the guest operating system to update the video card driver to the latest version. See if this fixes the problem. To properly install and maintain your guest additions, since you did not mention your guest operating system, please refer to VirtualBox Guest Additions. It is also possible that the main cause of this error is your enabling of the 3D support of VirtualBox.

The reason is that the 3D acceleration feature of VirtualBox is still under experimental and is disabled by default. So, that means, if 3D acceleration is enabled in your guest operating system then you must have enabled it. Try disabling it again and it should fix the problem.

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