Graphics card is not working

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After installing new windows in my computer my graphics card is not working at all.

What can I do for it ?

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Graphics card is not working



There are some possible reasons for which the graphics card is not working.

You have told that you have just installed windows.

So, during the installation did you uncheck the graphics card installation?

You should now insert the CD you got with your motherboard. Install the required software.

Most of the CD comes with auto install feature. Install the graphics card from it. Now restart your computer and you will see the graphics card is working.

Even after that if the card is not working, then you should check the hardware whether the wire is being disconnected there.

If the problem is not fixed after doing all of this, then you should contact with service provider.


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Graphics card is not working


Hi there , 

It seems you are having trouble with the graphics unit in your PC.

Here you haven't specified anything about your Graphics card. Let me remind you there are 1000s of Graphics unit the whole world.

There are Mainly 2 PC Graphics manufacturer

1. ATI (now owned by AMD)

2. Nvidia.

The problem with your Graphics is that You have installed the New Windows Pc but you haven't installed the drivers for your Graphics unit.

Google the model number and the manufacturer and download the driver and install it. 

You can download nvidia drivers from : –

Hope you are clear with my solution and your problem is solved.

Good luck. 
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Graphics card is not working


I am using NVIDIA graphics drivers.

I go to my Computer and checked device manager, your deduction is correct Lesten Pasio.

There is no graphic drivers installed.

I downloaded my NVIDIA graphics driver to the site you recommended,

Thank you very much.

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