The GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is not working

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The GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is not working. I have device encryption enabled and I did GPS test but it cannot be fixed. How can I get the GPS to work on my phone?

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The GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is not working


Does your GPS work if the encryption is enabled? This is a known issue with the Galaxy S2 and there doesn’t seem to be any valid fixes as of the moment. You may try to do the following and see if they help you:

1. Download GPS Status from Google market, let it run a scan and check if GPS is working

2. Make sure you enable the “Use Secure Credentials” by going to Menu>Settings>Location and Security>Credential Storage. Once you have it checked, it will ask you for a password. Once done, check if GPS is working

3. It could be that you have to set up a password first in the Credential Storage option. Creating a password should also give you the same effect as option 2

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The GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is not working


If there’s nothing wrong with your Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone then there’s no reason for the GPS to not work. Maybe you only did it incorrectly. Here’s how you can use the built-in GPS.

  • First step is to find Navigation. Tap on Applications and then Navigation.

  • Next is to plan the route and begin the navigation. To do this, you can do either Speak Destination, Type Destination, from Contacts, or from Starred Places.

      • When you select Speak Destination, simply say the needed destination.
      • When you select Type Destination, enter the destination and then tap the search icon.

      • When you want to use your Contacts, just tap the contact you want.

      • If you want to select from your Starred Places, just tap the required destination. But remember, before you can select a location from the Starred Places you need to save a favorite location first.

  • After that the navigation window with the route information will be displayed. You will find the “next turn” and the “next route” detail at the top of the screen. The “time of arrival” is located at the bottom. Just follow the verbal or the displayed instructions to reach the destination.

  • After reaching the destination, you can now exit the navigation. Tap the Menu key and then Exit Navigation.

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