How to boot a dead android mobile

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I was installing some applications in my mobile which were not available on Google play store.

I downloaded the APK of those applications and tried to install them. During the installation process my mobile phone hanged, I turned it off. But after that it couldn’t be booted, whenever I tried to switch it on it stuck at Samsung logo.

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How to boot a dead android mobile


You shouldn't have turned off you phone during the app's installation process. I do not know what you installed on your phone, but the sudden interruption of the installation by turning off the phone has destroyed its file system.

If it doesn't boot up, or it just hangs at the Samsung logo like you mentioned, then you have bricked your phone. A phone is bricked whenever the boot initialization parameters are modified, either destroyed, thus leaving your phone unusable until the boot parameters are restored to they operational values.

This doesn't mean that it can't be repaired. I do not recommend you tamper with it anymore, and file a support e-mail to the Samsung company, explaining what you have done. They are the only ones eligible to hack into your phone and restore it's normal stock values.

A good solution for the future is that when using an Android device, never download applications from sources that are not trusted, especially if they are not from the Google Play store.


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