Got an error while opening MS PowerPoint presentation

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I recently upgraded MS Office to a newer version in my Mac PC. 

I tried opening a presentation, but then I got this error message.


PowerPoint cannot open the file /User /geeteshbajaj/Desktop/Themetest/New Theme Edited.thmx.

The file may be damaged, or it may have been created in a pre-release version of Power Point.

I then searched for the file that was indicated in the error message, but couldn’t find it.  I planned to rename or delete the file so I could get rid of the error message. 

Any advice where to look for the file? 

Please help.


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Got an error while opening MS PowerPoint presentation


.THMX file is a Microsoft Office 2007 Theme. A feature in the 2007 Office system.  May you install previous version of MS Office. Here is a link of MS office compatibility pack. Please go to the link. After installation run it.

Hope your problem will be solved.


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Got an error while opening MS PowerPoint presentation


It seems like you made a hyperlink to the presentation file that you are trying to open. You can try the processes below as the workaround to that problem:

  • Go to the Home tab of the Ribbon, and then on the 'Insert group of buttons' you will need click the Media button.
  • You will then need to choose presentation file from File from in the pop-up menu.
  • Then you will need to choose a Movie dialog, and then you will click on the Link to file button, which should be found in lower-left corner of the dialog.
  • And then finally choose the presentation file you want to that you need to open.

Once you have done that, you will need to apply the 'Start animation to the movie' option and then and choose the 'normal Start Timing options' which are either on click, with previous or after previous.

-Clair Charles


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