Google Search tips and tricks

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Hello Friends,

I am having few Internet data mining / research job for which I use Google to get the data,

I would like to have a few tips and tricks with Google,

Please do the needful for providing useful tips.


Ethan Jessica

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Google Search tips and tricks



I could provide you ways on how to search in Google more effectively based on my experience in web surfing since I do stuff like yours sometimes.

1. If you are interested about knowing about a specific time in a city which is not just local but also global. It means that you can know the time of any city in the whole wide world. Just type time then name of the city in the search bar. Example, time New York.

2. For current weather at a specific place, type in weather then name of the city. Example, weather New York.

3. For knowing about current population of a specific place, just type in population then name of the city. Example, population New York.



4. You can also use Google search bar as a calculator. Just type it in the Google search bar.

5. Google search bar can also be used as a converter. Just type any figure for example, miles to kilometer.

6. You can also search Google within any website. Just type in site: then name of website and then your query.

7. If you are using Google Chrome web browser, it would be a big bonus for you since it is integrated with Google search engine. You can type any query you want at the address bar and it will be automatically give a website after pressing the tab button.

8. If you want your search results deducted from your query. Just type the minus "-" sign before the term .

8. You can search similar terms for your search results in Google by typing the tilde "~" sign before the term.

9. Google search can also be used for knowing stock updates from a specific corporation.

10. You can also use Google as a dictionary. Just type in define then name of the word.

11. Google search bar can also be used as currency converter.

12. If you want to search for items which are not from ecommerce websites, type in your query then minus "-" sign then site: then name of website.

13. If you want to have search results without any irrelevant keywords, you can search via title's for much better search results. Type in intitle: then title of a content.

14. If you cannot recall the complete name of the website but you have the keyword, you will find it by typing in inurl: then your keyword.

15. You can search for file with a specific file type by typing in name of the file then filetype: then file type.

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Google Search tips and tricks


Searching different things in Google is very easy. Entering any keyword on the Google search bar immediately suggests different things that corresponds to the text or texts you just entered.

If you are wondering as to how the search bar is able to display such suggestions when you are not even familiar with the rest of the suggested items, it is because of different users like you or like us that executes different search tasks. Google compiles different keywords used by different users around the globe.

When a keyword is mostly searched or frequently appears in any search task, the server indexes it and will now appear every time that keyword is typed. The search engine is also analyzing the keywords or texts being entered for any similarity to the indexed keywords and then suggests them.

This is also important to newly created sites. Because even if you already added your website to Google for possible indexing and you even added the Google analytics to view the user’s activities on the site, if nobody else tried searching your website in Google, the website will still be invisible in the Google search results. If you can’t find your website in the search results even if you already searched for its main title, the least you can do is search the website’s URL.

Data mining using Google is easy as long as you know what stuffs you are going to search. You can’t do a data mine if you are not sure on the things you’ll be researching. Watch also the video “Google Search tips and tricks | video tutorial by TechyV” for added information.


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