How To Make Google Chrome Faster

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Excuse me. Can I know how to make Google Chrome having a better download speed or loading page speed?

I use Opera and Mozilla Firefox in my PC. I want to use Google Chrome now because the interface is good, and Opera browser takes a while to load on my PC.

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How To Make Google Chrome Faster


Here are my solutions for Google Chrome to load fast:

1. At the top left corner of the screen, directly under the "X" is an icon of a wrench. Click on that.

2. Once you have clicked on that, a drop-down menu should appear. Click on "Options".

3. Once you have clicked on "Options", a pop-up window will appear labeled, "Google Chrome Options"

4. There will be three tabs labeled, "Basics, Personal Stuff, and Under the Hood". Click on the tab labeled, "Personal Stuff"

5. Once you have reached the tab, under the section, "Browsing Data" click on "clear browsing data"

6. When you click on that, another pop-up window should appear and it will ask you which items you want Google Chrome to obliterate.

7. From there you can check any of the boxes you wish to delete. It might take a minute or so if it's your first time, but in the end, it'll help your browser runs faster


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How To Make Google Chrome Faster



I have read your problem and I would like to help you out with the solution I have.

First of all, Google Chrome is one of the best softwares available for browsing purposes. But sometimes, it tends to become slow.This is because when you browse the internet, lots of files known as “Cache”  is usually left  on your computer to see the history of your visit. Now I guess, you already know the process of going to options and deleting the browsing history.  This process  will only delete the history of your browsing. 

I would like to suggest another procedure. Please download “CCLEANER 3.7” from any site.  This is completely free. First you have to download it and install it on your computer. Then open the installed program. At the bottom right side, you will find an option “Run Cleaner”, click the option.  A message will come up.  Follow the instructions it gives you. This procedure will delete all the crap files available in your computer. By doing this, the (RAM, HARD DRIVE) and all the things that have memory and contains crap files will get a bit free space.

In doing this, I hope everything is going to be all right. Google Chrome will definitely increase its speed. I also follow this for my Google Chrome. I have also attached a picture for your convenience.

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