Google earth authentication error 29

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Hello friends

Yesterday while using Google earth, I was met with an error when trying to authenticate.

The screenshot of the error is as follows:

The error says,

Google Earth detected an Error while trying to authenticate Please check the following:

-your network connection (can you get to

-your firewall settings

(are you blocking /home/giannis/google-earth/googleearth-bin?)

Error code: 29

For more information, visit:

I tried to resolve the issue by changing my firewall settings and also checking my network connection but still the same error appeared on my screen.

Now I can't understand what to do next to resolve the issue. Has anyone else encountered such a problem?

Please help me resolve the issue as early as possible.

Anxiously waiting for your reply



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Google earth authentication error 29


If you've already visited Google server error tips at, I'd make sure that you don't have any other applications running that may be blocking or trying to override Google Earth connecting to the servers. 

Also make sure you have the most recent version installed. You can download it at:
If your problems are just related to Google Earth 6.2 (latest version), you can uninstall it and try using version 6.1 from the "Download the previous version" links at the bottom of the page above. 


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Google earth authentication error 29


Attempt uninstalling and reinstalling Google Earth.

If Error 29 still occurs after reinstalling Google Earth, perhaps you have a 64-bit system problem and have not installed lib32nss-mdns.
So first, open the command prompt and run “sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns” command. See example on the image below:
Command prompt
Next, delete .config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf and .googleearth. You may see how to delete a file through a command prompt in
Finally, restart your system and run again Google Earth. 

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