Google Chrome Stored Password Set to Automatic Log in

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I have been working with Google Chrome for a year now. All the passwords that I used on my accounts which I opened in Chrome are stored and it is set to automatic loading as I start the pages.

Right now, it stops working that way but my account details are still stored in Chrome.

Upon checking, Chrome displays a single private data.

So how can I set it to automatic like the way I used to?

Without having to input my account details on every page that I visit.

Please help me.

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Google Chrome Stored Password Set to Automatic Log in


Hello Michael,

In Google Chrome, you can automatically save your username and password in a different kinds of websites. Your browser will complete sign in fields when you next visit websites. No typing hassles. Below are the instructions on how can you automatically save your passwords:

  • On the browser toolbar click settings or wrench icon
  • Choose Options
  • Click the Personal Staff tab
  • In PASSWORD section, adjust your password settings
  • Choose "offer to save password" if you want to save your password every time you sign in to different sites
  • Or choose "never save password" if you don't want to save password

I hope it helps.


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Google Chrome Stored Password Set to Automatic Log in



First of all do this as a first step.

If you have installed any extensions disable them and check the problem.

If not solve the problem , disable autofill option in the options then close the chrome and reopen it then enable autofill option. Check the problem again.

If still not solve the problem, Please go to Privacy section in the Settings. Check the Allow local data to be set (recommended) . You can find this under cookies.

If still couldn’t solve the problem , This problem might not be occurred from the browser. Because some web sites don’t let browser to save the password. There is a extension that might be helped for this.

Go to this link and use this extension. This will solve the problem.

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