Is Google Chrome the fastest Internet Browser

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I looking to increase my internet speed with out spending any money. Is Google Chrome a faster internet browser than IE.

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Is Google Chrome the fastest Internet Browser


Dear Tiffany,

Although Internet Explorer has managed to acquire a bad reputation, ever since Internet Explorer 5 and 6, because of its security issues and overall lag in net-surfing, by today's standards this mentality has been brought to a halt or even changed. Internet Explorer 9 was a great one, overall, and the following IE10 that will come with Windows 8 in October will be even greater.

Of course there are many online benchmarks that benefit the company that sponsors them. That's because every browser maybe faster doing a specific action than another browser. The thing to consider here is not whether or not Chrome is faster than IE. On some points it may be, on others, not so much.

The extensions are responsible for speed loss in internet-surfing. So the number of extensions installed on the browser and how it manages them is the actual key to the answer.

If you would like an actual answer for your question: Choose the one that best fits you, the one that you feel more comfortable using and don't populate it with numerous extensions you won't ever use.

i hope this helps.

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Is Google Chrome the fastest Internet Browser


 I read your question that is why I want to help you know that YES! Google Chrome is faster and better than Internet Explorer. 
First of all it is more stable, as you can write and edit email without the browser crashing.

Secondly it is more secure as it was built with the help of a sandboxing technique that controls all unwanted software form installing itself.

Also most important it is very fast. I mean it has all the speed you needed for your work, due to its ability to generate machine code that run on the CPU directly. I will say once more that Google Chrome is the best and fastest

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Is Google Chrome the fastest Internet Browser



Certainly different benchmarks show that nowadays Google Chrome is the fastest internet browser.

But let's leave the commercial side of the question.

From my experience with web browsers I can tell that it all depends on personal choice and perspective, and also – internet connection and your computer's configuration. Somehow it always seems to me that every browser you install for the first time looks like the fastest and best one you've ever tried so far.

My advice is to give them both a try and decide for yourself which one really justifies your expectations and suits your needs.

I guarantee you that the difference between browsers speed is so slight that you will learn that it's not about speed after all but comfort. 


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Is Google Chrome the fastest Internet Browser


Hi Tiffany,

Google Chrome is good as well Internet Explorer too. Go this Techyv page and get more information about Internet Browser.

Guide to speed up Internet Explorer 8 for faster web browsing

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