Good and Bad of Microsoft Windows 8

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We all have already known that Microsoft Office RT will be preloaded on all Microsoft Windows 8 RT tablets.

But I'm not sure that is it going to give the full version of Office?

If not, why?

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Good and Bad of Microsoft Windows 8


Hi Stacy,

Here I give you some suggestion about good and bad Microsoft Windows 8.

Point 1: If you have a passion to learn new technology than Microsoft Windows 8 is suitable for you. Otherwise it is not good for you.

Point 2: If you are using Windows 7 then you can easily use Microsoft Windows 8.

Point 3: Windows 8 features are different from Windows 7. So be careful when you are trying to install Microsoft Windows 8.

Thanks for your nice question.

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Good and Bad of Microsoft Windows 8


Dear User,

The word is that Microsoft will be including Office on their tablets.

1. It will be a version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 included on all Windows RT tablets.

2. It will not have the same abilities as previous Office products or future ones. Won't be a full version.

3. Word is Macros, third party add ins, and VBA support will be dropped in this version.

This being said they may release a version that does support these things. For the meantime, the reason for the stripped down version is to make sure it doesn't overload the tablets.

Hope this helps.

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Good and Bad of Microsoft Windows 8


Hi Stacy,

Let me share with you a brief list of the Pros and Cons of Windows 8.


1. Windows 8 is promised to be more fast and reliable as compared to the previous versions of windows.

2. It is supposed to provide you with real time syncing with mobile devices. Just like Cloud application of Apple.

3. It is basically designed for tablets. So people who travel a lot will surely like this OS. As it will sync all their Google docs with all Windows 8 devices.

4. Systems using Windows 7 don't need to worry about difficult updates. Update from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is promised to be very easy.

5. Windows 8 has got added features as compared to its previous versions.


1. Mobile applications will be difficult to capture by Windows 8 as the market is already split between Apple and Android smart devices.

2. The OS is said to be designed for tablets. So there is still a big question mark on its usage for PC's and Laptops.

3. Most of the Systems are still using Windows XP and Microsoft is coming up with Windows 8.

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