Questions on Local Delivery of Emails using Exchange 2010

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In using Exchange 2010 server, would it be possible that all emails including internal emails/local emails be sent out and leave the network?

The current flow is that we make use of a posting service for virus/spam filter and double deliver emails of users to our Google account applications which also stand as an email backup, thus for user1 and user2 who both have accounts in the server exchange, when user1 sends an electronic mail to user2, the email goes straight to user2's mailbox without leaving the network.

If the local email does not leave the exchange server, then it never hits posting box, thus it does not double deliver the emails to the Google account application.

Is there any possible means to make it occur that local email leaves the exchange server to double deliver also to Google account applications?

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Questions on Local Delivery of Emails using Exchange 2010


According to research, it is not possible because Google needs few authentication protocols that are not included in the setup that you are defining.
So what you can do is setup another server for the emails.
Send 1 copy of files from your primary server with all the spam filters enabled.
send 2nd copy from the new server that you just set up. Remember to use the same initials to make it perfect. Do the same settings for this sever as the first one so that the two copies are identical when they are sent to an email address.

There is no involvement of the network. It will get straight to user2 if you have specified in the protocols and the coding of the exchange server. Even if you network gets offline and comes online after few days, it will send the email at that time.

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