I want to know how I can run Microsoft Exchange Crash Analyzer on an end-user computer? How can I be able to detect if there is a problem on my system? And also, is it possible to detect if the problem is already removed and eliminated? I need some information regarding this matter. Please help me techy people.


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Anybody knows if DHCP Option 119 is supported by Windows 7 SP1 Clients? We are planning to upgrade our systems to Windows 7 SP1 but I am not sure yet if Option 119 is supported.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Hello friends

What is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol process for client  machine?

What are the types of scopes for Windows Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol?


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How does DHCP server reload its configuration file and where can I find the ISC DHCP documentation? Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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There is some problem with my IP address. first i got an error that hardware is not Microsoft digital signature. It says your computer is unable to  automatically configure IP parameters for the network card  with the network address 000C6EFA9E84.

Please help me out.

Thank you

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I have issues using DHCP to obtain the IP address. However, I have no problem connecting using a fixed IP address. Windows uses the address 169.X… and subnet mask… as the defaults. This happened after I installed Windows7 64-bit ultimate on my computer. The computer is equipped with all the latest patches and also has all the legitimate licenses. Even though, I doubt if this update is the reason I am experiencing this problem. Please help me out.

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The DHCP clients in our network cannot connect because they are not able to receive an IP address. I tried to assign static addresses to those computers manually and they are responding but DHCP does not always assign IP addresses. There are times that it assigns IP addresses and times that it does not. I am assuming Untangle has upgraded automatically as there is a new "Professional" add on when I check the WebUI. Also, when I used WebUI, I keep getting a "Server Busy Timeout" message although it does not affect performance of WebUI.

Can you help me figure out why our DHCP clients cannot connect to the network? Thanks.

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Hi! I was hoping you could shed some light on my DHCP concern. I intend to implement DHCP in my environment and I need to clarify some things first before I actually do it. I want to know if I need to put public DNS at the forwarder; if it is possible for me to give certain users a static IP; how much lease I should implement; and what are the problems I am likely to encounter when implementing DHCP. Currently, some of the static IPs are not working that I need to change the IP address because only then can users access the server applications. Am I bound to encounter the same problem when I install DHCP? I hope you could give me some advice. Thank you.

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I am looking for a way to configure my DHCP enabled printer such that, when the printer is on it gets the IP from one particular DHCP server.  I have two DHCP servers running at the same time and I want to know which server it gets the IP from.

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I am wondering if there is another setting to make for my HP G2e switches to connect using DHCP server on a blade. I have no firewall or any security blocking the connection or preventing my HP G2e to connect to the server. I already check some help regarding IP-helper command. Is there someone here who could assist me or familiar with the settings? Please help!

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