Go to limit PP without CC?

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My PP account taxable limit to 3 times within a month. PP hit the limit again. In the resolution center there are three steps that must be done

1. Confirm credit card
2. Change password
3. Change security question
No. 2 and 3 are finished. Stay No. 1. I do not have credit cards. The first occurrence time I've spent $ 20 to go to the limit and I am now willing to spend money again.
Approximately there are ways to open the limit without having to confirm credit card?
Data scanned ID, Banks and ATMs already sent. PayPal still ask for credit card to confirm



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Go to limit PP without CC?


A PayPal account should be verified to make it unlimited and to be able to withdraw your funds. And, to verify your paypal, it usually uses a credit card. Unfortunately, for some people, it’s not easy to own a credit card for having a bad credit record or minimum requirements not meet. Some uses a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) to verify their PayPal account but there’s a possibility to be banned or freeze. Some countries use different kinds of debit card to verify their paypal account.

If you want more detailed information or suggestion, kindly tell us from which country you are residing.

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Go to limit PP without CC?


I just wondering if I use VCC (Virtual Credit Card) to verification my account and like what you said but there’s a possibility to be banned ..ugh..

Thanks for your information  



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