English PDF file to Hindi PDF converter online.

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I am working on a project and want assistance with something. 

I want to convert PDFs of English language to Hindi and was wondering if someone knows any English PDF file to Hindi PDF converter available online. 

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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English PDF file to Hindi PDF converter online.


Dear Meagen,

One solution is to take your given PDF file and convert it into a word file. A word file's text is easily accessible for editing.

No need to download and install any software. Just go to this link:


Click on "Browse", Select the PDF file, And convert it.

Afterwards you can select the text in the word file and paste it here


Select The Language Hindi in the "To" Category

Hope this helps.

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English PDF file to Hindi PDF converter online.


When a user thinks of translating his PDF file to another language the first thing that comes to mind is usually to download a program that can translate a PDF file. This is the usual scenario. There are only few users know that Google Docs can be used to translate PDF files.

But why use Google Docs to translate a PDF document instead of using Google Translate service? This is because, though Google Translate allows uploading of Microsoft Office Word or PDF documents, the translated version of the documents contains only plain text and it’s not convenient to copy and paste the translated text into a PDF document.

First, visit Google Drive then sign in with your Google account. You need to configure the Upload Settings to properly translate the uploaded document. To do this, upload first any file, for example a text file, just to display the Upload Settings window. Click on the Upload button, select Files, choose the sample text file and then upload it.

The Upload Settings window will pop up after that. Click Settings and then select “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format” and “Confirm settings before each upload”. See image.

After this you can now upload your PDF file. Upload your PDF file using the Upload button and then click “Start upload” to confirm. You should see now the file in your dashboard. If not, click “All items” on the left pane to display all files. See image.

Right-click your PDF file then point to “Open with” then Google Docs. This will open the file in Google Docs Editor in another tab. See image.

Select the Google Docs Editor tab, click Tools then “Translate document”. See image.

In the “Translate document” dialog box, enter the new title for the file, select the language, and then click Translate. See image.

The translated document will be opened in another tab. Click File, Download as, then PDF Document (.pdf). See image.

And you’re done.

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