Getting Rid Of Trojan Virus To Prevent Your Computer From Infection.

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Trojan is a type of malware which enters into a file and then embeds into the system. It can mess up you PC by crashing down the device, corrupting the data or even delete files. Electronic money theft can also be carried through this virus. In order to protect you PC from all the above circumstances, it is a must to remove Trojan. Explain methods of getting rid of Trojan virus?

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Getting Rid Of Trojan Virus To Prevent Your Computer From Infection.



1) Disable system restore.

  • GO to computer and right-click on it and select properties.
  • Click on system protection link.
  • Then select configure button.
  • Disable system protection so that restore points saved are removed. This is to ensure that the virus does not spread. You can enable it once virus is removed.

2) Download an anti-malware program like Avast or Malwarebytes.

3) Reboot you PC and press F8 key. You will be redirected to Advanced Boot Options menu.

4) Select Safe mode and then select Safe Mode and Networking.

5) Remove the programs that are not required. Trojan causes some unfamiliar programs to download. You can remove them by going to Control panel->add/remove programs.

6) Start a scan with an anti-malware program.

7) It will reboot your PC and now it is free from Trojan virus.

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