Custom UI Runtime Error in Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plug-in

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Here at work, we use MS Outlook as an email client and we have Norton installed to handle virus and spam messages.

But lately this error has been what’s been greeting us every time I try to use MS Outlook.

I don’t know why is this suddenly happening though, someone told me that they have updated Norton the other day, and it could be the reason why this is happening. 

I have doubts since I know that Norton is compatible with MS Outlook and that upgrades from a software should not cause you any problems like this one.

I am looking forward for someone to help me out with this.

anti spam outlook plugin

Error found in Custom UI XML of “Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plugin”:
Line: 10
Colum: 68
Error Code: 0x80004005
“ violates minLength constraint of ‘1’.
The attribute ‘label’ with value “ failed to parse.

Thank you!

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Custom UI Runtime Error in Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plug-in


As we hear the word “Spam” it is an electronic mail or a posting of junk from a news group. Spam is still extra commonly as an unwanted mail. Actual spam is usually email publicity for a few products sent to a news group or mailing list. Furthermore, it is also to ravage the time of individuals with unnecessary email, spam also accumulate most of the network bandwidth. 

Several businesses and folks are creating such software’s with an actuality of procedures to block or eliminate the spam. One of the most well-known and presumed is the Norton anti spam. It gives you a full protection while using your internet. It seeks out the spam that comes in to your computer and in your mails, and removes it or jam it so that you won’t get these kind of unnecessary electronic mails which ravage your computer and more importantly your time.

Mainly the spam is not eliminated but Norton and can stop it by jamming or blocking it. It informs you that you have a spam e-mail. As a result, through the aid of Norton, you could identify which one is spam and Norton Anti spam feature will block it. Norton Antivirus is working very efficiently, it identifies all sorts of dangerous viruses, worms, ad-ware, Trojans, etc and eliminate it from your computer or will block it, that makes your computer problem free.

The first thing you need to do is to install patches for your Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus. To receive this kind of update just simply launch the Live update from Norton to download it. To know if you’re Norton Internet Security/Antivirus receives an update click the “Support” on the Main Interface of the program.

The Runtime error under Norton Anti spam plugin when Microsoft Outlook is launched does not directly affect the Norton Anti spam functionality. Some say that this was only a bug and can be fixed with a release update. These error messages can be hidden depending on the Outlook version that you are using.

For Microsoft Outlook 2007 users:

1.     Launch the Microsoft Outlook application.

2.     Click options under the Tools menu.

3.     Under the Options windows, select “Other tab” and click the Advanced Options.

4.     Uncheck the “Show add-in user interface errors.

5.     Click Ok twice.

For Microsoft Outlook 2010 users:

1.     Open Microsoft Outlook.

2.     Click options under the “File tab”

3.     Click “Advanced” under the categories pane.

4.     Under the details pane, uncheck the “Show add-in user interface errors”

5.     Click Ok twice.

Another option is to prevent the Norton Anti spam Outlook plug-in when launching the Microsoft Outlook. Open your Network Settings, locate Anti spam and select “Settings by Client Integration”, remove the Outlook from the selected entries.

But this is not a good idea as it completely disables the Anti spam functionality of Norton, thus leave your computer unprotected.

Try to re-install the Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security and see if it helps you to solve your problem, otherwise use another security software like AVG.

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Custom UI Runtime Error in Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plug-in


Observe the following details, they could help you fix the problem that you are having while using Norton antivirus:

  • You will need to check the system events which are Windows LogsSystem in the Event Viewer, and from there you will need to look for any errors that are related to the hard drive at the time that you opened Outlook or if there are any other errors that you think could possibly be causing the problem.
  • You also need to check if you have installed any software that might be impacting hard drive access, due to a reason like disk encryption and so forth.
  • Also examine if you modified any security permissions for the "Program Files" and , "UsersAll Users" folders or any of the subfolders and thus resulting to the problem.
  • Check if you have User Account Control enabled, or maybe a program like a bit locker.

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