Getting Lots Of Unknown Emails

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I have an email account and only I know the password and account is not compromised as far as I know. I have changed the password also, a few days ago. But I am receiving lots of emails, saying they removed me from mailing list. Are these just jokes or is the PC infected with some kind of a virus. I have some important mails in my account, related to banking also and don't want anyone to get access to those mails. I cannot delete my email id because its associated with my bank and some sites too. What do I do next? I have been receiving lots of mails and its creating a problem for me to read important mail. I don't have any mail client installed on my computer also. Tell me how to stop these large number of mails.

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Getting Lots Of Unknown Emails


Why don't you use a spam filter?

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Getting Lots Of Unknown Emails


Well Pal,

I guess you have being a victim of a spam trouble. It may be email spam, Messaging spam, Newsgroup spam, Forum spam, Classified ads spam, instant messaging spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, Web search engine spam, mobile phone messaging spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam and many more.

Email Spam

Spammers use electronic messaging systems to send, unsolicited bulk messages all around the world. The most widely identified method of spamming is email spam. It still remains, because advertising, doesn't cause any operating costs other than managing the mailing lists.

E-mail spam, also called as unsolicited bulk email, junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email, the habit of sending unwanted e-mail messages frequently, with commercial content or sometimes other stuff in larger quantities. This was a problem from the start of Internet becoming public in mid 90's. In these days spam are sent via zombie networks. Networks of virus or worm  infected personal computers around the world.

Newsgroup spam or forum spam

Newsgroup spam or forum spam is a type of spam, where they target  the Usenet newsgroups or forum discussions. Often it is excessive, multiple postings and repeated postings of messages. Most of them are advertisements or sometimes unwanted  internet forums.

These kind of activities are often done by automated spam bots. It consists of links to external sites. Their goal is to increase the search engine visibility, in most competitive areas in the world wide web while generating traffic for these commercial websites.  For example pharmaceuticals, real estate, loan, IT etc. 

Some of these links include a code to track the spam bots identity, whenever a sale goes through and the spammer behind the spam bot works in commission. So be careful, when you click something in the internet jungle. Sometimes, links will put  you in a whole mess that you never know.

Well let's clearly identify what is the process of Email filtering.

Most often it’s referring to organizing mails according to specified criteria. Automatic processing of incoming mails. The industry of email addresses collecting and selling is widely used these days and now becoming a common approach. Email filter first inputs the email to a process. The output of the process will be:

  •             Simply pass the mail into a  user mailbox
  •             Redirect the mail for elsewhere
  •             Throw away the mail
  •             Some mail filters can modify the mail during the process

But the common use of mail filtering means organize incoming messages and remove the unsolicited mails, what you call as spam or viruses/worms came through mails. And also you can prioritize mails and sort them into labels, based on the subject matter, sender or any criteria. You can install a separate mail filter program or use an mail filter of the email client embedded into it.

In email programs you can make manual filters or use an automatic filter criteria commonly identified. Most email programs usually have an automatic spam filtering mechanism. Also the ISP (Internet Service Providers) installs mail filters as a service to their customers. Also the organizations often used filters to protect their resources. So the solution is to use a spam filter. And also avoid clicking unwanted links.


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