GDDR5 RAM or DDR3? Which one is better?

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I am using a single Processor on a motherboard.Can you advice me if GDDR5 Ram works better with such a setup or DDR3 Ram? Can these both be compared on basis of their effeciency and usage functions?

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GDDR5 RAM or DDR3? Which one is better?


Hi Adamswhitley,
The DDR3 is superior to GDDR5 due to the reasons mentioned below:
1) DDR3 runs at a higher voltage than GDDR5
2) DDR3 uses 64-bit memory controller per channel while GDDR5 uses 32-bit memory channel
3) The system memory of DDR3 has low latency while GDDR5 has high latency of memory
4) The timing for GDDR5 is slower as compared to DDR3
5) DDR3 supports the use of video cards with any type of RAM and does not effect the compatibility
6) GDDR5 is expensive compared to DDR3 in the cost of the device
7) DDR3 is easy to be used with CPU while GDRR5 is easily used with GPU

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