Cannot Enter Windows Menu After Replace RAM

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Hi Experts,

I have replaced RAM into another slot, then I couldn't enter window's menu.

There is a message:

PXE-E61 : media test failure check cable.
PXE-MOF: exiting NVIDIA boot agent.

Reboot and select proper boot device Or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

Need your solution.

Thanks a lot..

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Cannot Enter Windows Menu After Replace RAM



The problem you are facing is that you have changed the RAM of your system but after that you are not able to open windows and it’s not working, So the solution to this problem has given below:

1. First replace the RAM and put it back to the previous slot. May be in changing you might have disturbed the boot order or something. So for this replace back the RAM to the previous slot and then start working hope your computer will start working.

2. The other option is that you have put to wrong side of the slot or maybe you might have not adjusted the RAM properly so check it out whether you have put the RAM properly or not.

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Cannot Enter Windows Menu After Replace RAM


Maybe probably your HDD is faulty or it is booting from a wrong device.

Did you make sure that you set it to boot from CD 1st?

Perhaps you should use a normal ideal CD ROM drive or boot from a USB pen?

About the first error message that you received it is because you was trying to boot from a network device.

If you are trying to boot from a CD?

Press any key to boot from CD.
(Press any keys.)
(Black screen)
Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration…
(The screen turns Blue, Windows Setup is displayed.)
(At the bottom you will see the following in sequence)
Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver
Press F2 to run Automated System Recovery (ASR)…
Setup is loading files (file names displayed)
Title changes to Windows XP Professional Setup
The options to setup or repair Windows are displayed:

  • To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.
  • To repair a Windows XP installation using recovery console, press R.
  • To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

Press Enter
License Agreement, press F8 to accept.

If it's capable of doing a Repair install and the drive is already formatted, Windows will then load for Windows installations.
If found that it can repair (An XP Pro CD can't repair an XP Home installation, for instance), you can repair the installation if you wish to. 

On the other hand, it will list the drives and partitions and let you chose where you want to install XP, or you can delete the existing partitions to start fresh.

Once you have created a partition and formatted it if needed just don't use the Quick format option, it will start copying files.

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Cannot Enter Windows Menu After Replace RAM


Hello Dear,

The error that you have described is not due to faulty RAM. It indicates that your booting device is not available or not attached.

It seems that you smashed your hard disk's cables during the RAM changing process.

Please check all of the cables connecting to hard disk. Remove them and put them in again tightly. The cable should not be loose in the jack.

Now, start your computer. It will run smoothly.


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