Gaming increasing frequency problems caused by PSU

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My computer restarts spontaneously in the middle of certain game in an increasing frequency. I have tried cleaning the case even though the temperature is never too high. I also tried reinstalling the GPU drivers. Is this the problem caused by the PSU? How can I resolve it?

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Gaming increasing frequency problems caused by PSU


First of all tell me the specifications of your computer.

The normal reasons why this crash happens

  • The display drivers are out of date or are corrupted.
  • There are some corrupted files in the game.
  • Windows need to be reinstalled.
  • The PSU is not giving full power to the system.

The first two are not for you because you have tried reinstalling the GPU drivers and you said that the crash happens on random games at random time. So this leaves us with the rest of the two options

I would not recommend you to just reinstall the windows as its a lengthy process too. So we move on to the last option.

If the Power Supply don't provide full wattage/voltage to the system, some of the system components shut themselves down in order to prevent any further damage to the system. In your case I suppose that your graphic card is not getting the required amount of power and therefore it crashes and your system restarts.

There can be few possible solutions to this:

  • Try getting a more powerful PSU and then try to run the system.
  • Try removing your graphics card and then play the games and see if it crashes again. If it don't crash then my point of PSU is Right. If it still crashes, then you need to reinstall the Operating System

That will solve the issue.

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