Want to Disable Floppy drive

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My Pc runs fine. But Sometimes when I click floppy disk by mistake. The machine hang sometimes.

Floppy disk drive is not need to me now. So I want to disable the device without removing cables and device.


How can I do this ?

Have any solution ?

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Want to Disable Floppy drive


Here are two ways to disable your floppy drive of your computer. you can either do it by disabling it in your Bios or by disabling it from the device manager. Which process would be up to you.

Method #1: Steps to disable your Floppy drive by disabling it from the BIOS setup

    Step 1. We begin by restarting the computer.
    Step 2. as the computer restarts, as soon as you see the first screen, press Del button on you keyboard to gain access
                to the Bios and CMOS setup screen.
    Step 3. look for the Standard CMOS setup and then click enter
    Step 4. inside the Standard CMOS setup menu look for Floppy Drive A, by this time it is ENABLED
    Step 5. Switch it to DISABLED
    Step 6.  Save and exit your changes and reboot.
When windows restarts you wont see your floppy drive in the my computer anymore.
Method#2:  steps to disable your floppy drive through the Device Manager inside windows
    Step 1.  when inside  Windows XP, go to my computer and right click it.
    Step 2.  after right clicking it select Properties
    Step 3.  find and click the Hardware Tab
    Step 4. inside the hardware tab, left click the  Device Manager button.
    Step 5. the device manager window will appear, here you will see all the hardware that are installed in your computer.
    Step 6. look for Floppy Disk drives
    Step 7. left click floppy disk drives and right click it and choose Disable.
Restart your computer and try to check if you can see the floppy disk drive in your computer.
Hopefully this two methods can help you with your problem regarding your computer.


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Want to Disable Floppy drive


Hi Alexathanda

There are many ways to disable you Floppy Disk driver from your computer.

Given below is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Follow the following steps.

  • Go to the Control Panel of your PC
  • In the control panel find the icon named as “System” & double click it.
  • Then new window will be opened & it has several tabs like General, Computer Name, Hardware, etc
  • Click on the Hardware tab.
  • Under the above tab you can see a button named as “Device Manager” & click on it.
  • Then you will get a new window with list of all the Hardware attached your computer.
  • Find the “Floppy Disk Drives” from that list & click on the “+” mark to expand list.
  • Then you can select the Floppy Disk Drive you want to disable from that list & right click on it.
  • Then you get a pop up menu & select “Disable” from that list.
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Want to Disable Floppy drive


Floppy disk controller uses valuable resources on your computer which could as well be in use by other tasks. Therefore clicking the drive can at times case a problem.

However, to disables floppy drive, use the following procedures in windows Xp:
•    Locate the system properties from the control panel or right-click Computer Icon then choose properties.
•    Select the tab “hardware” then choose the” Device manager” option.    
•    Expand the floppy disk controller option by clicking the “+” Sign.
•    Right click the standard floppy disk controller option and click
•    “Disable” to disable the controller. (Ignore the warning by clicking “yes”. close the window. You shall have disabled the floppy drive.

If you are using windows 7, you can locate the system properties by right-clicking the “computer”, select properties then choose device manager.

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