Creating list in HTML/HTML 5 and how to implement each.

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I want information/instructions about HTML/HTML5. How to create organized list in HTMl? What are the different types of list? What are the attributes that I can use to organize my list? Can you explain me how the codes work and its flows? What are the benefits of using this list? What is the alpa-numeric value for R-G-B? What are the alignment available in web pages? Can you provide me example on how to create this? Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Creating list in HTML/HTML 5 and how to implement each.


Hello Janet!

There are several types of list supported in HTML.

Types of Lists.

1.  Ordered List

Example: <OL></OL> and <LI>, START and TYPE attributes are used.

2.  Unordered List

Example: <UL></UL> and TYPE attribute.

3.  Definition List

Example: contains <DD>…<DD> and <DT>…<DT> tags, attribute used is COMPACT.

4.  Menu List

5.  Directory List

Alpha-Numeric values of color Red (#FF0000), Green (#008000), and Blue (#0000FF). The sample code and output of the program is illustrated below.

<body bgcolor="#C0C0C0">









<ol type = "a" start="2">



<li>Samsung galaxy

<li>Windows Phone







<li>web cam



Notice below the phrase “NAME OF MY FRIENDS” we used only <ol>…</ol>. We didn’t use any attributes here so HTML initiated setting it to ordered list counting from 1 up to the last. See the tag and attribute used below the word “DEVICES” we used <ol type = "a" start="2">…</ol>. This indicates that the list that we wanted to have will be ordered alphabetically starting from letter “b.” since we initiated the start bvalue to “2”. An Last the unordered list will give us bulleted style of list.


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