Font / Coding Problem with EndNote X1 on Linux

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I have been using Endnote 6 under Linux with wine for two years and it works perfectly (no display problem, even for French characters such as ç and é or German ones such as ß or Ü).

However, I am getting more and more references with author names comprising unusual characters that are not handled by Endnote 6 ( such as Š and č) and it is becoming impractical to edit them manually in all bibliographic outputs, so I am considering moving to a newer version of Endnote that supports Unicode.

And here is my problem: I tried today installing Endnote 9, the install went fine and the special characters are displayed well within the upper window (the one with the list of bibliographical references), but are totally wrong in the lower one (the one with the formatted output) and in the window that opens when I double-click on one citation to open it (for instance, "génétique" becomes "génétique") .

I have this feeling that this problem should be easily solved, since the Unicode display looks fine in one window out of three! However, even after spending my day on it I could not find any way to fix it.

I know that some other users on the forum experienced a similar problem: has any solution been found since then?

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Font / Coding Problem with EndNote X1 on Linux


Hello Wakish,

Did you check during the installation that you selected you specified the output options well, because if there is a place that your were needed to specify that endnote should display the output in Unicode  and you did not then that could be the possible reason as to why unusual characters are being displayed.

The problem could also be due some corrupt code in the document. You should revisit the document and clean up any corrupt code in it if that is that case. Or maybe you are inserting a large group of citations in the endnote document, all of them in the same space thus leaving the application a bit 'confused'.


Lee Hung

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