Flash Player for iPad 2

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Is there a flash player or an application similar to that for my iPad 2?

Some videos cannot be played because iPad doesn’t support flash player. Any ideas?

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Flash Player for iPad 2



Many flash players are available in internet at this time. You just need to match with your device. Here, I am going to provide the name and downloading address link for you. Check those out and find which is best for your ipad.

1.iPad Data security

Link: www. Mokafive. Com

2.Flash Player. Version:

Link: www. pazienti. net

3.Adobe flash player

Link: www. hforcare. Com

4.Flash player for youtube

Link: www. Video- lyric. Com

5.Download flash player. Version 2.3

Link: www.analyrics.com

Again, you may search through for better performance of your iPad.

Thanks for your time

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Flash Player for iPad 2



iPad 2 support flash player. You can also viewing flash video and play flash games on iPad 2. There are few apps that can help you viewing video and play games. Skyfire web browser, iSwifter and Cloud browse is the most popular flash player apps for iPad and iPad 2.

Thank you.

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Flash Player for iPad 2


If you are wondering if your iPhone or iPad supports Flash Player, unfortunately, the answer is no. iOS devices never officially supported Flash Player. If you want to know the reason, you can read the open letter written by Steve Jobs titled “Thoughts on Flash” in April 2010. He outlined in the letter the reasons for not implementing Adobe Flash in Apple devices.

One of the biggest reasons is that Flash Player doesn’t work pretty well with touchscreen devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad and you need to access an Adobe Flash website, you can use several third-party browsers like Puffin Browser. But, unfortunately, this is not free software. Puffin Browser has to be purchased on a subscription basis.

Another option is Photon but like Puffin, this is also a paid software.

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