Firewall is slowing my pc

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As far as i know , Firewalls are for protecting PC from foreign attacks from intruders or virus or something like it.

But when i turn on the fire wall system for my PC, my PC becomes so slow that it can not even run two programs at a time (or in other words, can not do multitasking).

I need firewall to protect my pc but i also need my pc fast.

How i am going to solve it?

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Firewall is slowing my pc


Hi Shaggy,

Yes it is the firewall that makes your computer slow.

There are steps on how to make your Pc runs fast.

  1. Below are the illustration.

Try fixing your firewall settings.

  • From the startup menu look for the All programs and hit  Accessories.
  • From the System Tools go to the Security Center and click ok.
  • From the open windows click on windows firewall.
  • You have to turn it off the Windows Firewall. check it off and then click ok.

Just remember turning your firewall is not always recommended. But you can protect your PC by downloading anti-virus software.

Hope this may help you.


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Firewall is slowing my pc


Hi Shaggy,

This is not a normal issue in which your computer becomes slow after enabling the windows firewall.

You must be having the following interference.

And in order to get rid of this issue you should read the recommendations.

Possible Reasons:

  • You must be having a low capacity of ram.
  • Your windows firewall must be initiating a port (Trojan) to listen to.
  • Your windows automatic updates must be turned off.
  • Your computer is infected with a virus if you have no previously described issues.


  • You must make sure that you have a sufficient amount of RAM to better allocate your system's resources.
  • You must make sure that windows firewall is not initiating a any port to listen. You can go into the firewall setting in control panel and uncheck any application that has an ambiguous name or could possibly a cause of Trojan port (Google it).
  • You must make sure your automatic updates are turned on.
  • Make sure if your computer have sufficient RAM then do scan your pc with an updated antivirus program to make sure that your computer ain't having any files infected.
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Firewall is slowing my pc


Hello Shaggy,

To solve problems with computer slowness as a result of turning on your firewall, you should just upgrade your memory to a larger size. Make sure that your computer has a memory of 3 GB and above to be on the safe side when it comes to its speed.

Another thing you can do is to disable your firewall and get a stronger antivirus for your computer, because Antivirus some a similar function as the firewall, and some antivirus like AVG are so small, they do not take a lot of space nor memory on your computer.

The antivirus has a firewall feature that you will just turn on if you want so no need to use your PC firewall that leads to slowness.

Lee Hung

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