Firefox is taking a lot of space

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Recently I have installed windows 7 and the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on my PC. I am used to open multiple applications when i am surfing using my Firefox browser but ever since i have installed Firefox i am getting an error of excess memory being used. Sometimes 230MB and sometimes 440 MB like this.

How can i fix this problem so that i don't get the error?

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Firefox is taking a lot of space



Windows 7 takes a large memory to run its containing. So it is always running a lot of functions. In this way it blocks more memory. So when you are trying to run Firefox in this environment it shows that error message. If you have little amount of memory then you need to run small software and avoid large software.

Your first option is to increase your RAM capacity. You don’t say anything about your RAM but I think that’s not enough to run windows 7. So add more RAM to increase system performance.

Other option is you can use Internet explorer in this case. It will not create that type of problem.

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