How to fix lag videos in Firefox?

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I am using 5.0 Firefox and every time I watch streaming videos like in YouTube, the lag occurs on video for about a few seconds of playing and then the video will resume, it will repeat the process for several seconds of a time gap. I have a fast internet connection and updated the flash player to a recent version. I know I am not having an issue with a browser because I have tried the Internet Explorer and produce the same problem as well. What could be the cause of this problem? Does anyone have ideas?

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How to fix lag videos in Firefox?


It is really a problem. There is a way to fix lag videos in Firefox. I am describing it in brief in the followings:-

  1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the address bar and hit ENTER.
  2. Type in session on the Filter line at the top of the list.
  3. Find browser.sessionstore.interval and double click it. The 10000 milliseconds (equals 10 seconds) are the interval in which Firefox keeps saving your session in case of a crash; same amount between video lags.
  4. Change it to something else you desire. I went with 600000 (equals 10 minutes), because I donate particularly care about session saving.

I think this will help you to solve the problem. Best of luck, I hope this solution will help you.

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How to fix lag videos in Firefox?


If this happens in at least 2 internet browsers, then yes this may not be a browser problem. Flash player is known to use quite a good amount of system resource and it may be maxed out your system's playing capability.

Try updating your Flash Player version to the latest available version and see if it helps. You can get the latest version here:

You might also need to update your graphics card drivers. The videos use graphics and CPU power, if your graphics card is capable, then it may just need a driver update to perform better.

Lastly you might also need to upgrade your system's memory. Your system's memory (RAM) might currently be maxed out causing the computer to use the page file. This would slow things down as the page file uses the hard drive which is way slower than RAM.

Hope these help.

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