Files/Folders Password Protection in Windows 7.

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I'm using Windows 7. I've several Files & Folders, which I want to Protect from other users of my Computer. I want to make these files/folders totally inaccessible and invisible to anyone using my computer, until they are unlocked using a valid password.

Please tell me, is there such a function available in Windows 7, which Supports Locking of Files/Folders. I'll be grateful if you reply quickly.

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Files/Folders Password Protection in Windows 7.


There is another way to do that, without using third party applications. Using the security option of the system.


1. Login as administrator;

2. Click on the folder you want to secure or lock with;

3. Right click and choose properties;

4. Choose Security tab;

5. Click on the username/s or group/s that you want to have restricted on your folder.

6. Look for the edit button and click on the deny boxes depending on your permissions that best suits for your needs.

Hope it could help. But if you really want to have a tight security, try 3rd party software. I find it trustworthy though and have tried some myself and it didn't fail me so far.

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Files/Folders Password Protection in Windows 7.



If you want to create a folder to safeguard follow the steps given below:

  • Create a new file.
  • Type any name that you want.
  • Expose the file and right-click the outright galaxy on it.
  • Select new.
  • Choose the transcript article from the spring-operated menu.
  • Open the transcript folder.
  • Double-click on it and duplicate and cement on the next page.
  • After that from the program swap the key PASSWORD_GOES_HERE with the PIN, you want to use to add protection to your folder.
  • Then protect the new folder on the .bat arrangement and type wide-ranging folder designation being Locker.bat.
  • Then from the file you produced just simply double-click the locker.bat file and after that the new file will cloistered.

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