Windows force shutdown, Enter key not working

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My laptop shuts down because of low power or run out of power. 

I plug in the charger, turn on my laptop.

Suppose to press ENTER to resume but it is not working.

What I did was to use system restore of windows. Restored it to the date before this happened. 

Right now its working.

My concern is that what is causing this problem?

How do I fix this in case this happens again (without going thru system restore)?

As I do not want to keep on restoring my laptop to the same date.

I'm using Windows 7 ultimate. 

Laptop is Asus X42J series.

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Windows force shutdown, Enter key not working


Your problem is no other than virus in your system. It removes the file that is needed for the Enter key to work during resume.

Solution 1:

What you need to do is purchase, install a genuine anti virus or if your Microsoft operating system running in your computer, download and install Microsoft Security Essentials in your computer. Once it is done, scan your whole system together with all of the drives you are using including your Flash Drives.

Solution 2:

Stop restoring your operating system instead reformat it  to have a fresh install of the operating system. Just don't forget to backup all of your files. This will surely stop your from doing System Restore all of the time.

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Windows force shutdown, Enter key not working


Hi Mystique,

Before you used system restore, had you installed any program?

If the answer is yes, then I guess the program you had installed was taking a lot of memory on your system during execution hence consuming a lot of power which caused your computer to shut down.

And maybe the lifetime of your battery is going down, so you should just figure out which program is this that you could have installed so that you keep away from it.

If it is not a program then it could be a virus that had invaded your system, and it is meant to consume a lot of power on your system causing your computer to shut down.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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