Error Deleting Temp Files: Cannot Delete Folder

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Hello respected members,

I am using Windows Vista ultimate.

The problem with me is that, whenever I try to delete temp files from my computer, I most of the time get error as below:

delete fiel error

Error Deleting File or Folder

Cannot delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program

Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.

As these are temporary files, I don’t know which user or program is using them. I think that might be because of some virus. I am using Avira Personal Free edition of virus scan, and I did the scan for two times after updating the virus definitions, but no virus is detected inside my system.

I think that the system is compromised by the virus.

Please help me to get rid of it.


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Error Deleting Temp Files: Cannot Delete Folder



I hear your concern about this issue.

I suggest that you have to try another antivirus, yes it is possible that your antivirus did not detect any program files that are running in your computer.  I am using Avast, it can detect worms that usually cannot be seen by other antivirus. But try rebooting your computer and maybe that is not about viruses. Make sure that the antivirus that you will use is the latest version for compatibility issues.

I hope this suggestion will help you a lot.

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Error Deleting Temp Files: Cannot Delete Folder

Good day,
You will get this error message when the file that you are trying to delete is used by Windows or another program running in Windows. You may try closing your programs by pressing CTRL – ALT – DEL and end all the programs that can be shown in the Task Manager, then delete the file afterwards. You may need also to wait for a minute before re-deleting the file because sometimes it may take a while for the program using the file to close. 
You can also use Unlocker, a software used to unlock files used by Windows without having to restart the computer.
If you are still unsuccessful, you may restart or reboot your computer into safe mode and delete the file.
Hope this helps.
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Error Deleting Temp Files: Cannot Delete Folder


Hi dear,

Thanks that you have shared your problem.

Dear temp folder contains all that files which are temporary useable in some software. For example, when we run any .rar file it puts all inner files to temp folder and we cannot delete them from temp folder until we close the rar file.

Same as it, you are trying to delete files from temp but these files are being used by another program silently.

It is true that these files should be deleted regularly for the disk space and system health.

Kindly logoff your system and re logon and then try to delete. You will be successful in your task.


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