I am receiving error message 0x800CCC91.

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I recently purchased a laptop with Vista. I transferred my two email accounts from my old computer. I sent and received mails using both accounts on my old computer but on my Vista I am able to use only one account, while with the other one, I receive the following error message:

Server error: 0x800CCC91
Does anyone have an idea about the error and its related solution?
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I am receiving error message 0x800CCC91.

Whenever a user works with the program Outlook Express, it (Outlook Express) checks for the  username and the password for the required pop3 accounts each time the user sends or receives email through it (Outlook Express). If any of the usernames and passwords does not match, pop3 errors and 0x800CCC91 messages are generated, which indicates that the typed username is not the correct one.
You can fix this problem by following these steps:
  • Click on the Start button -> Launch the program Outlook Express from the given list.
  • Click on the Tools menu from the menu bar -> then select the option Accounts.
  • You’ll notice the appeared Internet Accounts dialog box -> then Double click on the email address.
  • Now you’ll see the dialog box of email account properties  -> select the Servers tab now.
  • Make sure that your email address is the correct one and under the Account name, type the account name here and re-type the password under the given option Password.
  • You need to be confirmed on that the check box for Remember Password is selected.
  • Now Click on the Apply, after that Ok button.
  • Restart the program Outlook express for the problem get resolved.
Also if you have installed an antivirus or internet security package like Norton or McAfee Antivirus on your system, please uninstall it. Do reboot your system and have a try on Windows Mail again. 
Once you have gotten your mails working properly (as like you want), download them and download or get a less (light) troubling Antivirus program such as Bit defender, Avast, AVG etc. Also the Antivirus program you are going to install, make sure that you have disabled the email scanning options.
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I am receiving error message 0x800CCC91.


The error you are seeing, 0x800CCC90 and 0x800CCC91 is usually caused by interference with Antivirus scanning email. Whenever, we try to send or receive messages through emails, the active Antivirus program first scans it and checks its authenticity; then receives it and sends it to other servers.

Remember that, if you are typing a wrong email address, you could also receive this error because the virus scan option, reads the complete message and then responds accordingly.
As you are successful in using one account it seems that you are not entering the right email address or password for the second one. Enter correct information for the second account too and try again.
Hope it works for you.
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I am receiving error message 0x800CCC91.

Hello there,
Email client needs to authenticate to the Internet Server when sending or receiving email messages. Some Internet Service Provider needs email client settings to check the Secure Password Authentication to be checked. Some are not, as their server is already secured. When an error message pops up, it occurs the same on what the screenshot shows above. In such cases do the following steps.
• Start the program Outlook and or your email client
• On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
• In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click on the Mail tab, and then click on your email account.
• Click on the Servers tab here, and then click to Log on using Secure Password Authentication given under Incoming Mail Server.
These steps are guaranteed solutions to fix this error message. Your Internet Service Provider  doesn’t need to authenticate when sending because their server is already secured. So, checking the box on Secure Password authentication is no longer needed. 
Hope this helps.
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