How to get rid of JIT debugger

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I am trying to run an application. I just downloaded, but after I clicked it's shortcut icon in the desktop, the just-in-time debugger shows up and it is no use to click ok or cancel, it just won't run the software. I really need to use that software.

How can I get around this?


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How to get rid of JIT debugger


This debugger pops when unhandled exceptions are caught by the visual studio JIT debugger instead of Dr. Watson or a third party program that catches an unhandled exception when running an application.

To solve this problem re-enable the Dr. Watson program, you can re-enable this program by :

This could manage the job.

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How to get rid of JIT debugger



To get ride of JIT Debugger, try these steps:

1. Click on "Start" button.

2. Open "Control Panels".

3. Click on "Network and Internet Connections" and click on "Internet Options".

4. Go to "Advanced" tab and tick "Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)" as well as "Disable Script Debugging (Other)".

If that didn't work, then try this:

1. Open "Internet Information Server".

2. Open website node.

3. Select source of JIT Debugger error.

4. Go to "Home Directory" tab and click on "Configuration".

5. Go to "Debugging" tab and untick "Enabled ASP Server-side scripting debug".

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How to get rid of JIT debugger


If you tried installing an application without checking if it is compatible with your computer then this problem is likely to happen. Before installing any application, make sure your computer meets the requirements. Check the system requirements of the program before even downloading it and installing it.

There are programs that will install even on the wrong platform or operating system but will never run because they are not compatible. I think this is the case here. Aside from checking if the program is compatible with your computer, you also need to check the prerequisites, if there are any. Applications will sometimes require installing Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, Java Runtime Environment, and others.

Since you did not indicate the name of the program you installed and trying to run, might as well go back to the download page and check its system requirements. The JIT or Just-In-Time Debugger error was thrown because of an exception runtime error or some other error encountered by the program. This normally happens when the program was created with Microsoft Visual Studio.

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