A Fax Line For Receiving Phone And Fax Call Both.

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Using a fax machine is more convenient. But setting it up is not so easy. We use two phone lines, on connected to the phone and other to the machine to avoid the interference. This interference of voice calls can interrupt with the working of the fax machine. How to set up a fax line?

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A Fax Line For Receiving Phone And Fax Call Both.



  • Fax machine and switch.
  • Telephone line.
  • Plug-in jacks.
  • Phone adapter.


1) Remove the jack from the phone. Plug it into the port at the back of the fax machine. Take another telephone line and plug it in between the back of the phone and the jack called EXT in the fax machine.

2) Buy a phone adapter. Plug it into outlet of phone wall. Connect one end of the jack to the line jack of fax machine and other to the phone.

3) Go through your fax manual. Go to setting ad set the machine to tel/fax setting. This allows it to accept the incoming voice call as well as the fax call. If it gives trouble in any of these you will require a fax switch.

4) Connect this switch to the telephone line. Plug the phone as well as fax to the appropriate ports in the switch

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