FaceBook Post Misleads to High Risk Sites

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Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites nowadays, and prominence means more prone to malware.

I have a Facebook account and did experience hovering and clicking on a certain image, video, and link posted on my wall and it led to a different site outside Facebook which may be too risky to visit.

Does this mean its security is reaching its vulnerability against hidden attacks from intruders?  

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FaceBook Post Misleads to High Risk Sites

It might be a plugin or extension has been installed on your system/browser,
First, if you are a Mozilla Firefox 7 user try to check this, go to Firefox>Add ons and disable some of the plugins and extension out there then restart your browser. For Chrome tries this, click the wrench icon located at the bottom right of your browser > Tools > Extension then disable some of the extensions that you don't need, please be careful.
If the above solutions don't work, then you must restore your system to an earlier point where the system is in good performance.
If you know how to do a system restore, I'd recommend it. Open windows, click on control panel, click on recovery on the side of the page, click open restore and if it doesn't work the first time retry click the check box to open more restore times and pick a date preceding your problem and that should fix it 🙂
It must work. 🙂
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FaceBook Post Misleads to High Risk Sites


Things like hidden and suspicious links don't really just happen in Facebook but all over the internet.

The way to be secure (or at least more secure than normal) is to keep yourself away from this suspicious sites when a link takes you there. Once you arrive at the site and the address name looks suspicious and even the website, close it right away.

Also make sure that you have a security software installed in your machine.

Antivirus, firewall and antimalware are some of these.

Just make sure these are up to date, so that in case you do click on a link that and it gets you to a malicious website, you have a layer of protection before any code on the site is able to infect your computer.

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FaceBook Post Misleads to High Risk Sites


Facebook can be the haven or the source of malware and virus infections. There are numbers of posted video, link on the site that once click, you will be directed to a different website.

In this way, Facebook is no longer the actual website that cause your computer gets infected by this intruders or virus infections. However, it is the main source because of this posted links and video in each subscriber's wall. They doesn't have this software that filtered virus attachment, links posted and video that might infect computer from viruses.

However, they have this rules and regulations before you subscribed to them that they are not the one to blame if something else might happen to your computer.

The person to blame here is whoever posted the link or video that direct them to a different websites. Some are aware that it has virus attachment but some doesn't have a clue.

In closing, you better know what to click and view, be cautious of the link posted in your wall because there are always this so called intruders that will find ways to get into your computer, no matter what it takes.

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