How to restrict Kids from certain sites

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Hi there,

I am a married man with 2 kids. As they grew, they start using the internet.
I want to bind them to specific websites and block unethical sites, especially some indecent websites.
Is it possible to do this on my desktop? If yes, then how can i do that? Can anyone guide me through this process?

Note: I am using Windows XP.

Waiting for response and thanks in advance

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How to restrict Kids from certain sites


Hey George,

Whatever decision you take is a wonderful decision. There must be some restrictions for the child in using the internet because this is a vast network where one can search each and every thing voluntarily or involuntarily.

So for that, there are two solutions:

  • On the internet, there are many softwares available on sites protection for the child. You can download it and then install in your computer. It will help you a lot. It is easily available. You can Google it.
  • Other way is you can open your internet options from your browser in tools navigator. There is a tab named, restricted sites where you can write those restricted sites in that box. You will see that those sites won’t work when you open it.
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How to restrict Kids from certain sites


I can suggest these options for you:

1. Use OpenDNS. It's a free service that replaces the DNS servers of your ISP. By default, it will protect you from fraudulent sites that steal info from you. If you sign up, you can use it to filter web sites by category, such as obscene materials, intercourse, social networking, etc., effectively acting as a parental filter. See these links for details.

The good thing about OpenDNS is you can set it up on your internet router and any device that connects to your router will immediately benefit from the protection OpenDNS gives.

2. If you want more protection, use Norton Safety Minder. You just sign up, download and install the application. With it, you can control the websites by category, control the time your children spend on the computer and you can see a log of the sites that they visited.

3. K9 Web Protection is another effective parental control application.

Hope this helps.

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How to restrict Kids from certain sites


I also have 5 kids. I'm glad AngusM that you gave a download link for a great software! Thanks

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