Face Recognition for Facebook Good or Bad?

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Facebook's recent acquisition of Face.com for between $50 million – $100 million, it gains the technology to have apps that could track peoples' faces thru photos.

Is it really possible to have such a technology and implement it on a social networking site and not have other purpose than tagging?

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Face Recognition for Facebook Good or Bad?


Help Friend,

Nowday’s technology is so weird and things are changing at a terrible pace, this is so obvious that peoples’ face can be trucked by face book application

 Photo finder software is to be used to scan through your photos and the photos of your friend, this will scan through a million of photos within a short time, even when in process of scan you can be able to view the photos.

You will just add photo finder to your face book, like any other application and it will start to scan through all the photos.

When photo finder completes scanning, click on” me” button to view your photos and click on Friend to display your friends’ next to each other. The ones you are already tagged in are outline blue color and those auto tagged by the application are outlined in orange color.

On the auto tagged photo you can check the green box to confirm the match or red check to the match is incorrect. Photo finder has an option to allow people to be added on watch list where the related photos on the list can be trucked.

This may seem to be frightening on other side of privacy but photo finder only shows photos which are already running the application.

Photo finder also corresponds with your face book privacy where by incase you selected a certain group of people not to see your face book photos photo finder also has that very option.

And if you are auto tagged you will be alerted whether to accept or not and if you do not accept none of your friend will know.

This technology has been development to focus on everyday photos, this does not require camera head on to be accurate and here photos are taken in different angles, out of focus, photos in low lighting.

This technology has been tested on since 2007 by a group of 150 users, during that time 20 million photos were scanned identifying 30,000 users.

Therefore there is no need to fear this technology advancement, it is your choose whether  to use it or not.

 Good day

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Face Recognition for Facebook Good or Bad?


My dear Evoldahc,

Thank you for that interesting question because of you I am enlightened by the answer of Robert. It is really possible to have that technology and implement in social networking sites but it has advantages and disadvantages. Its advantage is that its not time consuming on uploading our photos and tagging it one by one. This is very advantageous to us facebook user and it helps in sharing to our family and friends of the experiences from our daily lives, and perhaps the most important it help us because we always share a lot of photos. On the other hand the main disadvantage is we will loss our privacy and cybercrimes will increase.   

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