Secure chat pki with JAVA

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Hello guys !

How do I cook secure chat PKI admit within a JAVA application. I believe we have dogtag and EBJCA but that is geared towards the complete infrastructure setup. I need the ability to allow my application to use PKI – whether ours or the clients.

How do you folks do this ?

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Secure chat pki with JAVA


Hi Debrajbartels,

What is a PKI?

A PKI or the Public Key Infrastructure is maintaining a relationship between public key and an identity that is pairing the source and destination using a key; it is useful while receiving money and private data.

What does it consist of?

A PKI consist of a CA {Certificate Authority} that issue and is responsible for verifying the digital certificates.  

A RA {Registration Authority}

A certificate management system.

One or more directories to store the certificates.

Modern web browsers have hooked PKI authentications. Authorization is integrated within web application uses information from the client side PKI certificate. Steps that are required to set up web page hosted using Apache server are attached.

Hope this helps.



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