IPv6 not Picking Up in Asia

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Will there be a significant impact on the entire world wide web scene if the adoption of a new internet protocol is not fully implemented across all boards?

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IPv6 not Picking Up in Asia



That's a solvable question. If the adoption of the new internet protocol is not implemented across the board as you term it, there can definitely not be a significant impact since the impact comes about if the protocol spreads about around the universe. The internet protocol is really useful because they have a larger space and also there is larger connectivity also with the mobile devices and the range of smart devices.


This is a very important part of technology and therefore very useful and will have a very large impact since the internet connectivity will be very much boosted. 

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IPv6 not Picking Up in Asia


That’s right! Even if the IPv6 protocol is not implemented across the World Wide Web, there will be no significant impact. And besides, the IPv6 protocol is still on its development stage and is far from completion though it is being implemented on other websites. IPv6 or the Internet Protocol Version 6 is the successor of IPv4 and is the next generation protocol for the internet.

It is intended to offer a number of advantages over the existing IPv4. IPv6 deals with the chief problem of IPv4 which is depletion of addresses to be used to connect computers or host in a packet-switched network. It has an incredibly huge address space which consists of 128 bits unlike with IPv4 which only consists of 32 bits. Both IPv4 and IPv6 describe network layer protocol.

One example is the way how the data is transported from one computer to another over packet-switched networks like the internet. IPv6 has control and addressing information to direct packets for the next generation internet. Though IPv6 is the descendant of IPv4, both protocols will continue to be used in the coming years for the internet.

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