Explorer.exe error on Windows XP

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Every time I boot up my Windows XP computer, the system always displays

“Explorer.exe error: This instruction at "0x015a5270" referenced memory at "0xffffffff".

The memory could not be read.”

Anyone of you knows how to solve this problem?

Please help me.


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Explorer.exe error on Windows XP


My suggestions are:

  • Use the System Restore option. Use the restore option to place the computers time – previous to the problem begin.
  •  Uninstall Windows XP and install a fresh XP SP2. Now, download windows Installer 3, .net frame work-3 and XP service pack-3-update from Microsoft.com. Install these programs; this will update your Windows XP 2 to XP3.
  • Install a fresh Copy of Windows XP. Install latest antivirus software and scan the whole PC.
  • Change/increase the Virtual memory quota from My Computer > Properties >Advanced Tab > Performance Options > Settings under> Advanced Tab >Change under Virtual Memory> No Paging File >Set. Hard disk’s local drive has its own virtual memory, so change/increase all the local drives virtual memory.
  • If the Explorer.exe error still appears, change your PC-RAM.


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Explorer.exe error on Windows XP


When you boot your system initially everything is working perfectly, but when all the icons of the desktop and the taskbar appears and disappears again and again, its the problem of explorer. When this happens then you have to do these steps; press ctrl+alt+del, then go to a new task which will be present at menu bar and type there explorer.exe. f the problem occurs again then you have to do these steps again and again.

Then go to my computer then windows then you have to change explorer.exe to yourname.exe then copy it and paste in the same folder.

Then you just have to go to run and type there regedit, there will be a folder with the name shell, you just have to double click on this folder and there will be a file explorer.exe, then change this to your name.exe.

By doing this you will change your registry name.

Then you just have to restart your computer and after this everything will be fine.

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Explorer.exe error on Windows XP



Windows Explorer is for browse you file system of your computer system.

So this error seems your windows not working any more.

To solve this problem repair your operating system or restore operation system with a previous working date.

Restore System:

1. Boot your computer with Safe Mode by pressing F8

2. Log on it with Administrator account

3. Then you can notice a dialog box showing System restore option

4. Then select a date in which date your system were worked well

5. Click restore

Try this it will work.

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Explorer.exe error on Windows XP


Thanks, Brooke Kstri.  

I followed your guide and it worked!

I reboot my computer, pressed F8 and chose Safe Mode.

I already logged in as Administrator so there is no problem.

I clicked System Restore Point and woah! The error in explorer.exe is gone. 

Techyv is very lucky to have someone like you.


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