Evernote to Onenote converter available?

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Generally I use Microsoft Office 2007. Just now I installed Office 2010 and I want to switch from Evernote to OneNote 2010.

Is there anybody who knows a converter tool from Evernote to OneNote. Is there any easier way to do this?  I have to copy/paste about 100 notes from Evernote to OneNote. Can I get a help?

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Evernote to Onenote converter available?


It is easy to convert your files it can be done online or you can even download a converter to make it available. You can convert your .doc files to .docx files as well as you can also convert your .docx files to your .doc files through online converter or you can even download a converter for this purpose.

These files contain two different versions of Microsoft Office and these file types are different as well .doc is a older version as well as .docx is a newer version of Microsoft Office. You can install one as per your requirements and then can also convert these files. Also the new version supports the old version files but the old version doesn't support the new version files.

I hope through this discussion you are now able to understand the full concept for .doc and .docx files.

Karen cruise.

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Evernote to Onenote converter available?


Hello Peterson86,

You need to download a converter that has these. Features that is user friendly and can it's compatible to any Windows version. It is advisable to check all system requirements first before you begin installing the software. Because the software you're about to install might make your computer run slower and caused you big headache sooner.

Here are the features of this converter:

  • Friendly desktop application.
  •  Windows compatibility.
  • Allows you to import Evernote notes to OneNote.
  • Gives you options what attributes you want to import.

Converting Evernotes into OneNote, you need to have a converter and that software can be downloaded on the Internet. This converter allows you convert Evernotes into OneNotes. The installation is not so difficult to follow. Once you'll on the process of installing the software, you'll just need to click on next and save the file according to the folder you've desired to save.

Once downloaded, you will be ask where to specify the folder you want to import the file. These list below are the benefits of having this tool.

Hope this helps.

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