Error Updating error: MIE Software

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             Hi Guys! I am u sing MIE Software application which is written in Microsoft access. I used Microsoft access 2003. Every time I update record this message appear and says that no current record. What this error mean? I tried to add another record but it still appear? What is cause the error?. Please any help?


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Error updating contact information.  System error: No current record

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Error Updating error: MIE Software


Hi Sonny,


You can check out the forums and sites which I am going to provided to solve your issue. It will be difficult if I type in word by word in here. Make sure that you read it carefuly and follow the instructions. I hope that it will help you solve your problem and you'll be happy for the results. Here are the links:


Have a great weekend. Please inform me if one of those solution has worked. thanks in advance.




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Error Updating error: MIE Software


The cause to that problem is in the MS-Access design. THE date and timestamp is being trimmed when updated from MS-Access and thus causing that error to arise.

To solve that problem, you will need to do the following:

You will be needed to wet the following CLI parameters which are found in the DB2Cli.ini file so that they will be mapping the timestamp and the values in the table to CHAR values when they are going through the CLI layer and the relink the tables that are found in MS-Access.

So you just need to your in DB2Cli.ini file, and then you will manually add the following:

MapTimestampCDefault = 1

That should solve the problem.

-Clair Charles


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