Access 2007 encountered an error during setup.

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Hi all,

My post is about an error with installing MS Access. Lately this week I noticed some problem with my MS access application.

It loads very slow, so I decided to re-install it using the commercial CD installer.

When I am in the middle of the installation, an error occurred and the only button that appeared was closed and it did not suggest any reason and solution.

After I clicked on close, the installation process ended.

Microsoft Office Access 2007 encountered an error during setup.

I made a second try in the hope that it's just a typical stop and go error, but the same error existed.

I tried to use another CD installer in order to clear some ideas of invalid CD, but the same error  popped up.

Please help me point out to where this error message originated.

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Access 2007 encountered an error during setup.


Hi there, Karmen here.

Here's what you can do to try and fix your problem:

  1. Go to Start then Run
  2. In Run type in cmd, this should open the Command Prompt.
  3. In the Command Prompt type in cd "%allusersprofile%Application DataMicrosoft Help" and press Enter.
  4. Then type in attrib -h rgstrtn.lck and press Enter
  5. Next is del rgstrtn.lck and press Enter again.
  6. Then dir /b /od /ad and press Enter.
  7. Lastly, type in rd /q /s "<folder names>". There should be a list of folders when you enter step 6, the folder names there is the one you replace <folder names> with. Do this step to every folder and press Enter each.
  8. Exit command prompt by typing exit, restart your computer and try again.

Hope this helps and solves your problem.

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Access 2007 encountered an error during setup.


Hello Mark,

You will need to uninstall MS Office that you have on your computer using the Windows Installer Clean up Utility. And then you will restart the computer after that and install MS Office. You will need to ensure that an old version of Office is not available on your computer using the following steps

  • On your computer click on Start, and then choose Control panel followed by Add Remove programs.
  • In the list, you will need to click on Microsoft Office and then click change.
  • After that you will need to select Add Remove Features and then click continue.
  • You will then uncheck the box beside Access and then click update.
  • After that you should click on close when it is completed and then try to install Access 2007.




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