Error Trying to register Total Uninstall Pro

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I have been unsuccessfully trying to register Total Uninstall Pro several times now. I found that my Total uninstall has got unregistered when I had completed installing ESET. I took this to be an error caused by a change in my Firefall settings I tried to register after uninstalling ESET. But I was not allowed to register with a registration failed error message .Then I deleted the program rule manually from firewall and tried to register I got another error message which said ‘The order is not valid’. What is causing this error? Can anyone help me to register Total Unistall, please? Thanks in advance.

Registration failed.

The order is not valid.

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Error Trying to register Total Uninstall Pro


Your installation of the ESET antivirus probably damaged the registration information of your Total Uninstall Pro and now experiencing a problem restoring its registration information. I don’t think uninstalling ESET antivirus will help you solve the problem because uninstalling the program will not restore the registration information of Total Uninstall Pro. It would be best to just install back ESET antivirus.

Once the antivirus is installed, restart your computer. If Total Uninstall Pro is still installed, uninstall it then click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and click Disk Cleanup. Select drive C and click OK. Check “Temporary files” and click OK. Wait until it is finished then empty the recycle bin and then restart your computer.

If your computer is connected to the internet, disconnect it first then disable ESET antivirus. Install Total Uninstall Pro and then try registering it. If your Windows Firewall doesn’t block it, the registration will be successful. If you still can’t register it, add Total Uninstall Pro to the Exceptions list of Windows Firewall. For Windows 8, visit Cannot Access Internet to learn how to add a program to the Windows Firewall Exceptions list.

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