Error Running iTunes on Windows vista?

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After installing iTunes on my wife’s laptop, which runs on the Windows Vista, I always get an error message every time the system resumes or boots up. I have looked all over the internet but it has not bore any fruit. If I may just go deeper, then this is the error message that is executed: RunDLL “Error loading winrrt32.rom”. Please what should I do to rectify this system error that keeps on appearing on my wife’s laptop?

Thank you very much and I will be looking forward to having a solution from you.

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Error Running iTunes on Windows vista?


Have you recently installed any new hardware?

This issue may be because you have installed a faulty hardware installation. Your computer is trying to load a rom file that is not on your Vista PC. Search your computer for this ROM file and delete it or check on the startup folder and remove it.

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Error Running iTunes on Windows vista?



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Hello Mr. Cunningham Stevenson, there are different downloads for different bits. Vista has 32 and 64 bits it just a matter of finding out which 1 your wife laptop has. You can find out by

click on start bottom (at the lower left side of the screen)

Click on system

Locate the System type 32 or 64 bit

If your system is 32 bits you will need to download the following instructions for security update' Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update before you can install the iTunes. By using this link

  1. Click the download button

  2. Select run ( to start installation)

  3. Click save

Once you finish with this installation you have to make sure you have no other parts of iTune programs on the computer. Follow these instructions below:

  1. Clicking on start ( bottom left hand side of screen

  2. Select Control Panel

  3. Click Programs and features

  4. Look for iTunes ( if you see it)

  5. Click uninstall

Now after you have completely remove iTunes you should restart your computer you can now down load the latest version of iTunes click on these link and for 64 bits you will need the 64 installer you can by clicking on this link I hope this helps!

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