Dreamweaver CS5 fatal error web design

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Hello everyone,

I have installed the Dreamweaver CS5 web design and HTML editor software. What I want to do is delete a corrupted .xml file. I successfully delete it but immediately after that when I open the Dreamweaver software again, a fatal error message appears saying:

XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, line: 1, file: C:UserTylerAppDataRoamingAdobeDreamweaver CS5en_USConfigurationWorkspaceClassic.xml

I even tried by deleting the complete configuration file, but even then the same problem appears.
Another strange thing that happens is whenever I try to find my corrupted .xml file from the prompt, I am unable to find it from the  "en_USConfigurationWorkspace", but I always find it in the folder of Dreamweaver CS5 file.
I don’t know what to do next. I simply can't get rid of this error message. I really want to run my Dreamweaver CS5 editor and also want to save the backup. Any kind of suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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Dreamweaver CS5 fatal error web design


Hello, some pc does not support DreamweverCS5. It is the system problem. Your problem is different from common feature. It is caused by deleting the file. That .xml file is a part of  DreamWeaver software. If you delete it, It must occur some problem. Now if possible you can delete /remove this software and then install again. You can use Portable DreamweaverCS5 for better result. Try to save or backup your data what is done. Then reinstall DreamweverCS5 or Portable DreamweaverCS5. Hope you will find your solve. If you can not find any solve then please backup your data and install Windows agai. If you continue with this error you will not able to continue to run your soft and others work. Any software with file missing never work properly. Hope you understand details.

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