Error on Lotus Notes Invalid Menu

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What I want to do is that to copy fields from one form to another form in a different database.

When I do so, I received the error given above. It seems to be a random issue.

I close the Lotus notes Designer application and re-open it. The error disappears.

Guys, Do you have a permanent solution for this?

I used Lotus Notes 6.5.1.


 Error: “Invalid menu handle.



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Error on Lotus Notes Invalid Menu



Users are intermittently receiving an "Invalid Menu Handle" error message with Lotus Notes 6.5.1.

If you click OK on the message it will reappear again and again.

The session needs to be reset on the server in order to get Lotus Notes to work again.

This usually occurs when using Copy/Paste or ALT+Tab between ICA sessions. Testing with RDP seems to show no issue. Only Lotus Notes is affected. This issue is random and cannot be reproduced.

The issue only occurs on servers using XE104W2KR01 or its platform equivalent. Removing the hotfix fixed the issue.

Similar issues have been reported for Presentation Server 4.0.


1. Users may encounter the following issues when switching focus between applications in seamless mode:

o Error messages appear stating "Invalid menu handle"

o User-invoked popup menus, such as those appearing when right-clicking window controls, disappear unexpectedly

The issues occur because Presentation Server is closing certain types of windows if they appear to become unresponsive to change in focus events.

[From PSE400R01W2K006][#127287]


Apply one of the following or their equivalents can solve the issue:

• PSE400R01W2K006

• PSE400R01W2K3006

• XE104W2KR02

• XE104W2K3R02

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