Error encountered when creating table with MS SQL and Visual Studio

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Hi Experts,

I am new to MS SQL and I am using it with Visual Studio 2005.  I was developing a simple system and tried creating a table but then I got this error message, see below.  I have searched the web but couldn’t find a suitable answer.  Any help I can get from the forum experts?  Help will be much appreciated.

Query Definitions Differ

The following errors were encountered while parsing the contents of the SQL pane:

The CREATE TABLE SQL construct or statement is not supported

The query cannot be represented graphically in the Diagram and Criteria Pane.

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Error encountered when creating table with MS SQL and Visual Studio


Hallo MannyG,

The problem you are experiencing might be as a result of the version of the visual studio edition that you are currently using. If the version that you have if the visual studio express edition, then that may be the cause and therefore I will advise that you try the other versions.

But if you are open to using other applications that will perform the same functions as the visual studio application, I will recommend the SQL server management studio which offers best features when it comes to control of the database.

Otherwise, the error may be in the syntax, especially if you are writing the code by hand as opposed to using the designer view, check the syntax of the SQL and ensure that it is not wrongly written.


Mahesh Babu



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