Error encountered in Pen drive formatting

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I thought my computer was attacked by a certain virus since I can't process the formatting my pen drive. As trying to format it, an error appear stating; ''cannot format the pen drive''. Thinking it was a cause of a virus, I scan my computer already and reformat it again, but still the same error shows. Please help me.

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Error encountered in Pen drive formatting


Dear June,

There are many causes for this error:

  1. It might be possible that when you try to format your pen drive, you pen drive in use.
  2. It possible that your pen drive may be corrupt.
  3. May be virus on your pen drive.


  • First insert your pen drive into some other computer and try to open or format it, if problem is the same, then your pen drive is dead.
  • Second, in other computer, your pen drive is working fine and format is done then there are viruses in your computer. In this case, you must re-install your antivirus and download a fresh copy of antivirus software.

Take care.


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Error encountered in Pen drive formatting



Please try to confirm first if really it's an virus attacked. You must know that not all anti-virus works the ways it is, sometimes some of those kinds cannot detect something wrong. To help you to know how it is, here are methods you must follow before proceeding. Try to disable all the running process even the virus process; to do this Click start button and then type cmd to open the command prompt. After opening type this one; taskkill/f/fi ''username ne dummyx''.

Result to that all the Windows and taskbar will disappear. Just press CTRL+ALT+DEL then click task manager if you wish to open it again. Next, hit the new task menu and type ''Explorer''. You will now then go back to the explorer and format your pen drive. If luckily working It must be a virus that cause the problem.

Another reason for the issue is that flash chips might be a corrupted one. It shows a less capacity and faulty one. Damages of the chips is cause by electromagnetic or electrical reason that happens because of voltage fluctuations and faulty ports of USB's. Much possible check your flash drives. I hope I have helped you.

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